• Healthy Employees, Happy Workplace: Ideas For Improving Wellness At Your Dental Office

    Investing in the health of your employees can really pay off. Healthier people take fewer sick days, get more done in a day, and contribute to a more positive work environment. If you're hoping to improve employee wellness at your dental clinic, here are a few things you can try. 1. Provide activity monitors to motivate assistants and receptionists to stand. As the proprietary dentist or clinic owner, you may spend a lot of time on your feet during dental procedures, but other office staff do not have the same luxury.
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  • 4 Ways To Keep Your Italian Meals Healthy

    Italian meals are known for loading you up full of carbs and fat laden oils. As delicious as Italian cuisine may be, it also can be notoriously unhealthy. Read on, however, and discover a few ways you can make your Italian dishes just a tad bit healthier in the long run. Use Gremolata Although Italian dishes often employ an oil-based sauce to add texture and flavor, you can replace that with a sauce that has its origins in Italy and is exceptionally healthier.
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