4 Ways To Keep Your Italian Meals Healthy

Posted on: 7 August 2016

Italian meals are known for loading you up full of carbs and fat laden oils. As delicious as Italian cuisine may be, it also can be notoriously unhealthy. Read on, however, and discover a few ways you can make your Italian dishes just a tad bit healthier in the long run.

Use Gremolata

Although Italian dishes often employ an oil-based sauce to add texture and flavor, you can replace that with a sauce that has its origins in Italy and is exceptionally healthier. Gremolata is a traditional seasoning that makes great use of finely minced garlic, lemon juice, and fresh parsley. Next time you want to serve a nice, juicy Italian style steak or fish, consider using this mixture instead of a heavy cream or oil based sauce.

Use Seasonal Ingredients

Instead of buying whatever ingredients are on the market, make sure that the products you purchase and use in your dishes are in season. If you want to maximize the amount of nutrients that you receive, take the time to check to see if the vegetables you use in your Italian dishes are currently in season. There are a variety of different ways you can do this. If you purchase local from, for example, a farmer's market, you will be ensured that the goods you buy are always in season. Buying from gourmet healthy foods from local health stores or online, such as at Yum Rush Inc., are many times in season, as well.

Change Up Your Desserts

Italians are known for their desserts, but in this case, you might want to cut them out of your diet or, at the very least, cut back on them. Dishes like crostata, tiramisu, and cannoli are all delicious confections, but should be eaten sparingly or for special occasions, only. Consider replacing these desserts with fresh, in-season fruits.

Eat Pasta Sparingly

Although pasta is a staple of the Italian diet, it can certainly catch up with you. When cooking up pasta, make it a hard and fast rule not to pour in more than 120 grams of dried pasta into the pot. It is also recommended that, if you are a frequent pasta eater, to cut back significantly. Finally, if you are eating pasta al dente, consider cooking it for a little less time. Overcooked pasta will not fill you up and satisfy you as much as a firmer noodle, due to the fact that the overcooked variety has a lower glycemic value.


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