Mail-Order Grocery Markets By Type: Are They Worth It?

Posted on: 13 June 2019

Subscription boxes and mail-order groceries are the hot things right now. Want a monthly box of healthy snacks or a monthly box of Japanese junk food favorites? Done. Want full meals delivered to your door, no prep? Get them delivered every day of the week or just on days when you have no time to cook. Have time to cook? Buy the meal subscription services that ship all fresh ingredients in a box to your doorstep as often as you want. Yet, you might be curious as to whether or not all of these mail-order grocery markets and grocery delivery services are worth it. The following clubs and services are sorted by type and allow you to decide for yourself. 


Organic food is food as nature intended, and you can get that food shipped to you through mail-order grocery markets, such as Thrive Market. Nothing is overly processed, and everything is shipped fast. If you reside very close to packaging plants, you might be able to get your boxes the same day if you order early in the morning and schedule for evening delivery. For anyone who also wants their food to be in support of sustainable or green practices, a mail-order grocery market might be for you. To learn more about these markets, read things like Thrive Market reviews online.

Culinary Cooking Prepackaged

The ingredients are fresh, or mostly fresh, considering that meat has to be shipped frozen to prevent spoiling. Beyond that, everything is packaged in perfect portions to create between two and four meals every time. Some of these subscription boxes will even pair your meal with the perfect wine or dessert if you pay extra for your service. One company, in particular, delivers just meats, desserts, and stewing vegetables, but if you are a "meat and potatoes" sort of person or you are doing low-carb or paleo, that works just fine. 

Third-Party Delivery Services

Some companies utilize a third party to deliver groceries on demand. They will offer prepackaged boxes of groceries that are shipped the same day. You do have to be close to a distribution center to ensure that everything does arrive fresh as promised. To make sure that customers meet this requirement, you have to provide your zip code to see if these services are available where you live. If you can use the service, it will go straight to the checkout and payment screen. 


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