Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Powder (MHBR) For Athletes: Massages, Soaks, And Skin Treatments

Posted on: 26 May 2020

If you're serious about your sport, you're always looking for ways to perform at a higher level. Mimosa Hostillis Root Bark (MHRB) has been cultivated by the Mayan people for centuries. For athletes, MHRB can soothe tired muscles, treat skin chaffing, and exfoliate your pores to keep your skin relaxed.

Here are some of the ways that athletes can use Mimosa Hostillis Root Bark Powder to help train harder to compete at the highest level possible.


Whether you see a massage therapist on a regular basis or your spouse rubs out your tired muscles after a tough training session, Mimosa Hostillis Root Bark Powder can be absorbed by your skin to promote blood flow and skin regeneration.

Mixing it Up

MHRB powder can be dissolved into lotions, oils, and water-based products. The trick to making MHRB work for massage purposes is to get the consistency right. One of the most effective methods for incorporating MHRB into massage products is to dissolve it in water so that makes a syrup. Because MHRB powders can have a range concentrations, finding the right ratio of liquid to powder is likely to be a trial and error process. Begin with a relatively small amount of water, 1 cup or so. Next, begin adding a tablespoon of MHRB powder to the water and whisking it with a fork until it's completely dissolved into the liquid. Continue this process until the mixture has the consistency of maple syrup. Once you create your MHRB powder syrup, stir it into an equal amount of massage lotion or oil. Store the mixture at room temperature in dark space, as direct sunlight can degrade MHRB powder.

Skin Treatments

Strenuous exercise can be tough on your skin. From chaffing to sunburns to sweat clogged pores, MHRB powder can help restore and regenerate your skin.

Soaking it up

One of the easiest and most soothing ways to enjoy the healing power of MHRB powder is to take a long soak after a hard day of training. To treat sunburns and skin chaffing, make sure to keep the damaged areas submerged in the liquid throughout your soak. When mixing up your soak, try to use as little water as you possibly can to allow for higher concentrations of MHRB. Buckets, shallow plastic containers, and even kiddie pools can be great vessels for your soak.


Try applying small quantities of MHRB powder to your skin with a few drops of water. By gently mixing the MHRB with the water, you will create a paste that absorbs into your skin.  

For more info, reach out to an MHRB supplier in your area. 


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