How To Help Your Family Be Healthy

Posted on: 20 July 2015

Now that summer is here and your kids are out of school, you are probably being faced with kids who want to eat and snack all day long. The other problem you might be facing is that they have become couch potatoes who want to either watch their favorite shows on the television. You might even feel like they are attached to the computer as they play electronic games for hours on end. If this scenario hits too close to home, consider making some beneficial changes in your family's life.  

Exercise - Get those bodies moving! 

  • As you plan family activities, consider things like bowling, miniature golf, bike riding and going to the pool together. If you don't have access to a pool, a beach or a lake, consider getting a family membership at a gym that has a pool. Did you know that swimming gives your body a total workout? All of these exercises are a great example of combining fun with fitness.
  • When you take your kids to malls, doctor's appointments or any other place, consider parking your car far away from the entrance of your destination. Another great way for all of you to get exercise is to take the stairs instead of the elevator. 
  • Of course, your children want to get together with their friends this summer. However, think about planning their play dates with exercise in mind. Outdoor races, scavenger hunts in the neighborhood, relay races and ball games are all good examples of how your kids can have fun with their friends while keeping their bodies moving. Obviously all of the activities should be monitored by an adult.

Food - Busy schedules often mean that you're often headed to the fast food restaurants or ordering pizza a lot. In addition, some children scoff at eating veggies and would rather have a bag of chips and some chocolate chip cookies. However, being creative in your food presentation will mean that all of you will get the foods that fuel your bodies in the right way.

  • Think about not even buying treats at the store. Consider planning one evening a week for everybody to be home from other activities. This would be an excellent time for board games, sing-alongs, perhaps even an inspiring message given by parents. In addition, this would be a good time to bring out treats which will mean more because you don't get them all the time.
  • Consider keeping a bowl of apples, tangerines, grapes, carrots, cucumber slices, nuts, and other nutritious snacks on one of your kitchen countertops. Your kids will probably grow to love things they were even afraid to taste. Some more exotic tastes for them to try are jicama, papaya chunks, and star apples. 
  • Have you ever been to a juice bar? There you will taste shakes that are not only delicious, but very nutritious. Consider setting up your own juice bar at home to get a variety of nutritious foods into your bodies. Don't be afraid to try things that sound like strange combinations. Imagine almond milk, pure cocoa, powered peanut butter, fresh spinach, and avocado blended together for a smooth, creamy shake. An incredible breakfast drink could consist of orange juice, jicama, shredded coconut, cinnamon and a raw egg. Be sure to rinse the egg off before you crack it. If any of you like sweet drinks, consider using a sweet herb like stevia.

Have fun helping your family be healthier!


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