Blenderized Diets And 3 Benefits It Offers

Posted on: 10 October 2017

If you have a child with a feeding tube, you have probably been told that their only food option is something called enteral formula. This is a type of high-calorie food that comes in liquid form so that it easily goes through a feeding tube. While giving your child a formula is certainly an easy and convenient way to ensure they get the calories they need, the downside is that many of these formulas contain a lot of sugar. For parents who are concerned about the sugar content in these formulas, they may want to try a blenderized diet.

What Is a Blenderized Diet?

Simply put, this type of diet allows parents to feed their child real food. Most parents that implement this type of diet for their child find it beneficial to have a high-end blender. The Vitamix and Blendtec are just a few examples of this type of blender.

High-end blenders work better than a regular kitchen blender because they can easily and quickly break down the food into a liquid form, which has to be thin enough to go through a feeding tube. These high-end blenders can even finely grind foods like seeds, nuts, and all types of fruits and vegetables.

3 Benefits of a Blenderized Diet

While doing a blenderized diet for your child can be more time-consuming and require more research on your part, it can also be very rewarding. Here are three benefits of putting your child with a feeding tube on a blenderized diet.

1. Your Child Can Eat What Everyone Else Is Eating

One benefit in particular that parents enjoy when making their child's lunch in a blender is that their child can eat what everyone else is eating. If your child doesn't have any food allergies and tolerates all kinds of food, you can simply throw whatever you are eating in the blender and put it in your child's feeding tube. Your child will probably feel more included during family meal-time and during special holiday dinners.

2. You Can Add Health Supplements To Your Child's Food

If you are concerned your child is lacking a certain vitamin or mineral, you can simply buy the capsules that pull apart and sprinkle the health supplements into your child's blend. This is an easy and convenient way to ensure your child gets all the supplements they need.

3. Your Child Will Feel Better

When your child is getting real food instead of sugar-containing formula, they will feel much better in general. Many children on a blenderized diet stop vomiting, have fewer reflux issues, and improved digestion overall. Contact a health supplements provider for more information. 


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