Heart Disease Run In Your Family? 2 Things You Can Do To Help Prevent It

Posted on: 20 March 2017

If heart disease runs in your family, you cannot 100% stop it from happening to you but you can do some things that will reduce your chances of developing this problem. Below are two of these things so you can get started keeping your heart healthy.

Check Magnesium Levels

More than 80% of Americans are found to be deficient in magnesium, which is a mineral that all organs in your body uses. Magnesium is stored in your organs and bones. You may be deficient in this mineral and not even know it, but there may be some signs you are deficient, such as such as eye twitches, weakness, fatigue, muscle spasms, and abnormal heart rhythms.

Your doctor can give you a blood test to determine if you are low on magnesium. If so, you can take steps to raise the magnesium levels. Instead of taking a pill, there is magnesium oil that you can use. This oil generally comes in a spray bottle that you spread onto your skin. This oil can be found at health food stores or most establishments that sell vitamins, such as Sunfood. If you have questions on how to use it or how much you need to use, talk with your doctor.

There are also magnesium rich foods you can add to your diet, such as pecans, almonds, kelp, cashews, Brazil nuts, buckwheat, and molasses.

Get Some Exercise

Exercising gives your heart a good workout and helps you lose weight and maintain that weight. Both things can help prevent heart disease. The blood in your body carries important nutrients and oxygen that support the function of your body's tissues, including your heart tissue. If you are overweight, it can reduce the number of nutrients and oxygen that gets to these body tissues. Over time, this can result in problems with your heart.

Talk with your doctor before you start an exercise plan. This is especially true if you are severely obese. They can get you in touch with a dietician to help you develop a good eating plan, as well as suggest classes you can take to do aerobics and other forms of exercise. You can help more by incorporating exercise throughout the day, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator and parking your car far from your building.

You should also see your doctor to test your blood pressure and cholesterol. If there are problems, these two will cause you to have heart problems. The doctor can give you medication that will keep things under control.


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