Healthier Cooking Using Swedish Cookware

Posted on: 29 July 2015

Swedish cookware can revolutionize the way that you prepare food at home. The innovative technology uses a nonstick coating that is completely different than anything else previously on the market. This coating is environmentally responsible and has been approved by the FDA for sales in the USA. This durable coating allows you to cook all of your favorite meals without greasing the pan so your food won't burn. Can you imagine? All of your favorite foods, cooked in a delicious and healthy way!

The other thing that sets Swedish cookware from places like iPinium USA apart from other non-stick cookware on the market, is that all of the products are made with an aluminum alloy that allows your food to cook faster. The outside of your food becomes crispy without burning, while the inside cooks to a perfect juicy tenderness.

If you want some great meal ideas that can be prepared using nonstick cookware, read on. Put your butter, lard, and oil away and get ready for some amazing food that is faster, tastier, and better for you. And don't forget, the food slides right off, so clean-up is a snap.

Swedish skewers

For corn on the cob, potatoes, chicken legs, and turkey legs, look no further than non-stick skewers. The triangle shaped surface features several skewers that support your food in an upright vertical position. Your food will cook much faster than it would using traditional methods. Corn on the cob and baked potatoes are notorious for taking forever and holding up the rest of the meal. When you use Swedish skewers, your corn and potatoes will be ready in no time.

 Swedish Roasting Pan

Everyone loves lasagna or a delicious casserole, but the clean-up afterwards is always a greasy mess. When you use a Swedish roasting pan, you can say goodbye to soaking your pan before an extended scrubbing session. Swedish cookware is grease free, including the need for elbow grease for cleaning.

The roasting pan is also great for baking a moist and juicy chicken. You can roast potatoes, carrots, and celery right in the pan with your bird, for a healthy and satisfying dinner.

Swedish Grill Plate

This is a great addition to add to your cookware collection. You can use it to grill fish, chicken breasts, lamb, steaks, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, or any other meat or vegetable. Try squeezing lemon over fish or chicken, and marinate your red meat in red wine before grilling. Try rubbing sage and garlic on lamb to make meat for gyros at home.


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